Magnetic Materials for Energy Applications

Magnetic materials are important in the production, transmission and use of electrical energy. It has become obvious over the years that an increased use of low carbon technologies is necessary to ensure a high living standard. Magnetic materials play a very important role in these efforts. This Special Session will focus in latest advances done in the research of magnetic materials for energy applications, comprising also technological development in the synthesis, processing and quality assessment routes. Main materials will include: hard and soft magnetic materials, and magnetocaloric materials aiming to reduce energy consumption while optimizing natural resources. Studies addressing solutions and alternatives to the use of critical constituent materials will be an important part of the Session.


Under the frame of magnetic materials for energy applications, the following topics will be covered in this Special Session:

  • Hard magnetic materials.
  • Soft magnetic materials.
  • Magnetocaloric materials.
  • Alternatives to magnetic materials containing critical elements (reduction or complete substitution).
  • Advances in processing and characterization routes.
  • Innovation in existing technological applications and new application areas.


Alberto Bollero, IMDEA Nanociencia, Madrid (Spain)


Contact Information

Alberto Bollero
IMDEA Nanociencia
Division of Permanent Magnets and Applications