Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications by Systems, Man, & Cybernetics Special Session

This Special Session provides an interesting opportunity to present and discuss the latest theoretical advances and real-world applications by means of SOFT COMPUTING models, including the following topics:

  • Information and Communication Technology: Internet Services, Future Internet, Wireless and Mobile Communications, Network Convergence, Multimedia Communication Systems, Quality of Service and Quality of Experience, High Performance Networking, Optical Systems and Networks, Network Design and Optimization of Communication Systems, Network Performance Evaluation, Multiagent Systems, Intelligent Systems, Sensor Networks, Distributed Embedded Systems, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Security
  • Circuits and Systems for Signal Processing: Analog and Mixed Circuits, RF Circuits, Low Power Circuits, VLSI Circuits and Systems, Device and Circuit Modeling, Design for Testability, Distributed Circuits, Reconfigurable Architectures High Level Synthesis, Hardware and Software Co-design, Signal, Image and Video Processing and Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Multimedia, Distance Learning, Sensors and Transducers, MEMS Biomedical Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Robotics, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic.
  • Power Resources and Systems: Power System Planning and Management, Power System Modeling and Simulation, Control Methods and Real Time Operation, Power System Operation and Control, Modern Technology and Computation Techniques, Transmission and Distribution Systems, High Voltage Engineering, Distributed Generation, Smart Grid Policies, Regulatory Issues and Standards, Renewable Energy Sources and Technologies, Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Energy Carriers and Storage, Deregulation and Electric Power Market, Power Quality, Electric Machines and Electric Vehicles, Electricity Demand, Smart Grid and Smart Energy Systems, Energy and Environment, Sustainable Development, Transition Towards a Low Carbon Energy System.
  • Smart Cities and Energy in Buildings: From Efficient Buildings to Smart Cities, Integrated Heating, Cooling and Electricity Systems, Energy and Economy, National Energy Systems and Energy Policy, Energy Planning Tools, Electricity Market Policies, Structures and Rules, Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Systems, End-use Customers, Demand-Side Management, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Engineering Education



  • Emilio Corchado - Univesity of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Héctor Quintián - University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Álvaro Herrero - University of Burgos (Spain)



Contact Information

Héctor Quintián
University of Salamanca
IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics. SPANISH CHAPTER