Software Engineering Challenges and Techniques for Consumer Electronics Ecosystems


The Consumer Electronics is currently integrated in our lives and we can find several kinds of electronic devices around us. From the smart phones to the connected TVs or from the wearables to the smart cities all these devices are nowadays connected creating ecosystems where the exchange of information among them is huge. Most of these devices include processors with a high computational power even integrating multicore processors. The development of efficient software in terms of computational distribution of the processing load and power consumption is a research challenge.

Organizing IEEE Chapters

IEEE Computer Society – C16
IEEE Consumer Electronics – CE008

Topics List

We are interested on the following list of research topics (Eurocon Track 1) but not limited to:
Software engineering techniques and tools for consumer electronics:

  • Development approaches for CE
  • Software and services for CE
  • Software architectures for CE
  • CE as a Software Ecosystem
  • Quality properties and usability for CE engineering
  • Context-awareness and adaptation of CE software and systems

Consumer electronics challenges:

  • Low Power Consumption CE applications
  • Muticore-manicore applications
  • Interconnected CE devices (IoT)
  • Efficient Hardware Architectures


Rafael Capilla, Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, Spain
Juan Carlos Dueñas, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Fernando Pescador, Technical University of Madrid, Spain


Programme Committee

Daniel Díaz Sánchez. Universidad Carlos III. Spain

César Sanz Álvaro, Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Francisco Bellido, Universidad de Córdoba, Spain

José María Flores Árias, Universidad de Córdoba, Spain