Multi-Agent Systems for Operations & Supply Chain Management


As manufacturing practice shifts toward the outsourcing paradigm, operations and supplies take place throughout a high number of entities, thus generating a significant interdependence among them. Modeling such complex adaptive systems by classic methods represents a challenge since they are characterized by many agents assuming different roles, acting simultaneously and continuously and reacting to the actions of other agents with a non-predetermined order. A modeling and simulation approach that particularly fits with complex adaptive systems is the Multi-Agent Systems paradigm, derived partly from object-oriented programming and distributed artificial intelligence, and partly from insights from the science of complexity. The objective of this special session is to bring together high quality research in the modelling and performance evaluation via Multi-Agent Systems of innovative supply and production networks, including service networks. Conceptual and simulation models will be considered for this session.

Subject coverage

Suitable topics included but are not limited to:

  • Managing uncertainties in supply chains and operations management
  • Complex network analysis
  • Modeling and analyzing behavioral aspects in operations and supply chain management
  • Performance evaluations in supply chain
  • Collaborative practices, negotiation and contracts
  • Multi-agent frameworks for supply network and operations management
Session Chairs

Salvatore Cannella (, University of Seville, Spain
Roberto Dominguez (, University of Seville, Spain